Devout Christians: Are We Fair With God? 

It is hard to understand walking in faith when life seems to be falling down around you. There are people that you love, and sometimes those we love can be some of the most selfish people on the planet. Relationships can exasperate the concept of selfish to another level when you are pouring all you can into a significant other, or spouse, only for them to treat you with ill regard. They question your loyalty, trust others over you, and make you have to fight for a stable place in their life. These behaviors are hurtful and can cause quite a bit of mental anguish. Some of us are parents. Raising a child is a very selfless act, and one of the greatest accomplishments of many, however, there are times where our children are quite thoughtless. Everything they achieve is because of them…and they look for someone to blame when something goes wrong. This is where, as parents, we must teach them to acknowledge those in their life that make sacrifices on their behalf, and to take responsibility for the mistakes they make. In all of these situations, and many more we tend to stick with those we love, and believe in, through many hardships. However, our patience for God isn’t quite the same. Many of us are in a one-sided relationship spiritually. We work hard for everything we have…and for everything we don’t have God has failed us. The understanding of many is God sees us, he knows our heart, and he’s as all doing as he is all knowing. If God wants better for us he will bless us with it better. If we are struggling it’s because God is trying to teach us a lesson, or we are being punished. There is nothing we can do to undo the path God has us on, so no matter what we do God gives us what he wants us to have. God is in total control, and we just need to survive and wait on him. With that being said if life is a continuing storm patience can run thin with God quickly. If we don’t have the job, lifestyle, education, spouse, child, etc. that our heart desires it’s because God doesn’t want us to have those things. We are just left to walk this earth understanding that the longing of our heart is not important to God. If others try to suggest otherwise it’s hard to receive when all our life we have been led to believe God is in total control. This position can lead us to consider walking away from God. When we get to know a person we spend time with them, we have to talk to them to learn more about them. It is not wise to get to know a person based on what others tell us of them, or what we assume about them. Truth be told we don’t want anyone to do these things to us. If you want to know who I am talk to me…take the time, invest the time, to know me past the surface. This is what we demand, its what we give others and honestly it drives our patience with people. With that being said are we fair to God? Do we take the time to truly get to know him for ourselves? How often are the scriptures we know best the ones that have been poured into us from church and elders? Many of us have never really read the bible for ourselves so what we know of God can be considered an assumption. If one is studying God’s Word, they will find that faith, accountability, personal responsibility, and being active in the our relationship is a part of walking with God. There are things we have to do in this relationship as is the case with any other relationship. If we look as our expectation of our children as parents…we can get a better understanding of the expectation of God as he is that parent in our relationship with him. I would never tell someone what decision they need to make for their spiritual self. However, I will say my spiritual life, and its manifestation in my reality, became more apparent as I took the time to actually have a relationship with God that was not one sided. Consider the treatment you deserve from others and ask yourself if you are fair with God. If the answer is no…take comfort in knowing he’s not angry with you; he’s just waiting to have a real relationship with you.

Praying for you as I hope that you are praying for me.


Pastor Craig